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Principal's Message

We are ready and excited for a new school year!!!

It is always thrilling to begin a new school year.  For us it is the opportunity to start fresh again, to try some new teaching technique, to add something we learned in trainings, or update our curriculum to include something from a conference we attended over the summer.  For students, it is a similar opportunity to “start over” and improve from previous years, to renew friendships and set goals toward college and careers.

This summer again brought some challenges and trying times to the Warrior Community.  The tragedy involving the families at Bear Lake were heartbreaking but at the same time showed the tremendous community we live in.  High school and life as a teen can be difficult and troublesome at times, but there is always someone willing to help.  Weber High is making a concerted effort to be more pro-active and train our staff, students and community on anti-bullying, suicide prevention and internet safety.  We will continue to provide opportunities for our community in these areas.

In the meantime, school and more importantly student learning, continues.  The Weber High Professional Learning Community is progressing and aligning curriculum in common classes.  Teachers are working together in determining what is most important for students to learn and how they will demonstrate learning.  Technology is being integrated in classes and student needs are being addressed.

The 2015-16 school year is going to be great and as always, IT FEELS GREAT TO BE A WARRIOR and let’s all stay WARRIOR STRONG!!


29   |   Warrior 5K run (Warriorettes)

31   |   A Day


1   |   B Day

1   |   Welcome Back Assembly

1   |   Girls Soccer - Fremont @ Weber

1   |   Girls Tennis - Weber @ Clearfield

1   |   Volleyball - Roy @ Weber

2   |   Faculty Meeting

2   |   XCountry - Weber @ Northridge

3   |   Boys Golf @ Logan River