Weber High School

Computer Technology 0.50
Career Technology (CTE) 1.00
Fine Arts 1.50
Financial Literacy 0.50
Health II 0.50
English 4.0
Math (I, II, III) 3.0
Physical Education 1.0
PE Fit 4 Life (no substitutions) 0.50
Science 3.0
Geography 0.50
US Government/Citizenship 0.50
US History 1.0
World Civilizations 1.0
Electives 8.5

Total 27.0

FLEX Period is a multi-purpose class period. It is held every day, except Mondays, for 40 minutes. Students can choose to take a study hall or a regular class. If a student has failed a class or is offtrack for graduation, that student will be assigned a particular FLEX class for remediation or additional help in that subject area.
Additionally, students may use the FLEX period – with prior teacher approval – for make-up or test re-takes or additional help/tutoring from one of their teachers. All student assemblies and announcements will happen during the FLEX class period.