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Computer Technology 0.50
Career Technology (CTE) 1.00
Fine Arts 1.50
Financial Literacy 0.50
Health II 0.50
English 4.0
Math (I, II, III) 3.0
Physical Education 1.0
PE Fit 4 Life (no substitutions) 0.50
Science 3.0
Geography 0.50
US Government/Citizenship 0.50
US History 1.0
World Civilizations 1.0
Electives 8.5

Total 27.0

FLEX Period is a multi-purpose class period. It is held every day, except Mondays, for 40 minutes. Students can choose to take a study hall or a regular class. If a student has failed a class or is offtrack for graduation, that student will be assigned a particular FLEX class for remediation or additional help in that subject area.
Additionally, students may use the FLEX period – with prior teacher approval – for make-up or test re-takes or additional help/tutoring from one of their teachers. All student assemblies and announcements will happen during the FLEX class period.

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