Weber High School

IB Diploma Program Fees

Students and parents must understand that there is a financial commitment to the IB program. The IB program has fees comprised of a registration fee and subject fees that total (as of December 2019) $714.  These fees are subject to increase by International Baccalaureate.  (Families who cannot afford this fee may fill out a fee waiver application). Weber High has set up a payment plan for the program (see below) to help lessen the burden of payment.  Should a student decide to leave the IB Program at any time, any pre-paid test fees will be refunded but registration fees will not be refunded.




IB Student Registration Fee*



IB Subject Fees






*IB removed the $172 registration fee for the class of 2021. They have the right to re-instate the registration fee at any time.

Payments will be due by the end of the quarter. Payments can be made directly to the Weber High bookkeeper. Payments will be due as follows:

Q1 (October 2020): $119

Q2 (January 2021): $119

Q3 (March 2021): $119

Q4 (May 2021): $119

Q1 (October 2021): $119

Q2 (January 2022): $119

Total: $714

*IB collects fees November 15 of each year. On November 15 of 2020, Weber High must pay any registration fee PLUS the subject fees for any tests being taken May of your junior year. On November 15 of 2021, the remaining subject fees are due (total of $719). Should you drop out of the program after November 1 of 2020, you will not be refunded any registration fee nor will you be refunded the $119 for any junior test that you registered for. If you drop out before November 1 of 2020 you will be refunded any prepaid subject fees of senior year exams. If you were to drop out after November 1, 2021 you will not be reimbursed for any payment AND you will still owe the school the remaining balance.


I have read and understand the financial commitment to the IB program. 

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