Weber High School

Weber High IB Diploma Program Admissions Policy

Weber High Mission Statement

Weber High School will establish a supportive learning community which fosters creativity, encourages curiosity, and promotes critical thinking. Weber will create a challenging learning environment that encourages effective communication, lifelong learning, and compassion that prepares students to serve in a global community

The mission of Weber High School is to provide an environment where students can be creative, curious, compassionate, life-long learners. Weber High School made the decision to become an IB World Authorized School in order to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) as a means of offering a demanding curriculum for students who wish to challenge themselves both academically and personally. The IBDP is an interdisciplinary, global academic program that helps students flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally, and ethically.

Weber High School believes that students should participate in a challenge that is appropriate for both their academic abilities and their personal maturity. We believe that the first step is for the student to elect to take this challenge. While it is understood that parents or guardians might want their child to participate in the IBDP, we believe that the student has to also be motivated to participate in order to benefit from the program.

Weber High does not require an entrance exam for the IBDP. There is no minimum standard test score or GPA, although there may be pre-requisite course requirements. Once a student has chosen to take on the challenge of the IBDP they must fill out an application packet. The packet must include all student information, transcripts, teacher recommendations, student essay, and a signed letter of intent. The application will culminate with an interview with the IB Coordinator.

After students have submitted the IB application packet, if any concerns regarding the appropriateness of participating in the program are expressed by the student, parents, or teachers, then these issues will be discusses to determine possible strategies and interventions, or alternate programs. The IB Diploma Program is not for all students, and there are other paths for academically motivated students which include concurrent enrollment, acceleration to early graduation, and AP courses.