Weber High School

An Evening of Healing and Hope




To the parents, students and members of the Warrior Community,

We invite you to join us in An Evening of Healing and Hope at the Weber High Auditorium on August 8th at 7 pm.  We have arranged for excellent speakers to address the topics of loss and hope.

You may be aware of the deaths of Weber High students and faculty that have impacted the whole Warrior Community recently as well as in the last couple of years.  The causes of these deaths were by illness, accidents and suicide. 

Most adolescents have mastered basic skills that allow them to handle strong emotions encountered day to day, but these skills may be challenged in the face of a fellow student or teacher’s death, no matter what the cause may be.  Our children will vary widely in terms of emotional expression.  Some may become openly emotional, while others may be reluctant to talk at all and still others may use humor.  Some students may need help to identify emotions beyond simply sad, angry, or happy and may need reassurance that a wide range of feelings and experiences are to be expected.  They may also need to be reminded that emotions may be manifested as physical symptoms, including butterflies in the stomach, shortness of breath, insomnia, fatigue or irritability.  We encourage you to acknowledge the breadth of feelings and diversity of experiences your child may be experiencing and emphasize the importance of being respectful of others.

Schools, as part of the larger community, can provide students and their care givers with appropriate opportunities to learn how to express their emotions and identify strategies for managing them so the school can continue its primary focus of education.  To help facilitate this discussion with your child, Weber High School is hosting An Evening of Healing and Hope.  We encourage you to attend with your school age child in grades 6 to 12.

This will be an informative and valuable evening to all that attend.