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Principal's Message


Principal's Message

In recent years, there has been an ever-increasing emphasis put on data.  Data such as SAGE test scores, graduation rates, PACE (a college/career readiness score), school grades, and other such measurements.  With numbers and data becoming increasingly more important, often it may appear that the focus, attention and even money is shifted to emphasize areas not quite “up to par” or that the school/district/state falls short in.  That focus can lead some to feel that the priority is put on students not meeting the goal while students who are achieving and meeting the goal get less attention, less focus and perhaps even less money directed to their needs.

For example, some parents have posed questions like this to me:  At Weber High, there are several additional math classes that have been added to help students who struggle with math.  That means several thousand dollars have been spent to help those struggling students.  While that is a worthwhile goal and use of the money, is there something Weber High is doing to give additional learning experiences and opportunities to the “top” students who are not struggling? 

That is a fair and valid question.  If we spend several thousand dollars helping the 20% of our students who struggle, it only seems fair that we also spend money to enhance the education and learning of the 20% of our students already achieving and learning at a high level. 

We make every effort to do just that.  We have added additional AP classes and used additional funds to purchase equipment to enhance student learning.  Additionally, Weber High School is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Program.  Our focus is on helping ALL of our student receive the best education they can and one that is best suited for their needs.  I want to assure our parents that we have (and will continue to) meet the needs of all of our students in all levels of learning.  We have some wonderful opportunities that are currently available for students of all levels and learning abilities and even more in the works.

As mentioned above, Weber High is working to meet the needs of all students and is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Program (IB Program).  Weber High, along with the support of Weber School District, has begun the process of becoming an IB authorized school.  While this is a lengthy and very involved process, we feel it will be yet another choice we can offer students to further enhance their education and learning here at Weber High.  The current IB timeline would allow Weber High School to begin teaching IB classes in the fall of 2018 for those students who would be juniors at that time (Class of 2020 or current 9th grade students).

It is an exciting time to be involved in education and the teaching and learning of our young people.  We work hard for them and hope you feel your student is receiving a top-notch education at Weber High.