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School Community Council Candidate Form

Serving on the School Community Council

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school. The school receives an annual dividend from the school trust lands. Our council decides how these funds will be used.  This year our school will receive approximately $280.892 from the School LAND Trust Program. The council reviews and prepares other academic plans for our students each year. All plans are reviewed for final approval by our school board. Councils also act in an advisory capacity to school and school district administrations.


Every public school in Utah has a School Community Council. The councils are made up of school employees who are elected by employees and parents who are elected by parents of students attending the school. Membership terms are for two years. Elections are held at the beginning of each school year.

Parent members must have a student attending the school at least one of the two years of their term of service. Employees must be employed by the school district at the school.

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Please fill out EITHER the Parent member information OR the Employee member information.


The form is due to the school principal before:       August 24, 2021

The School Community Council Election will be held August 26-28, 2021 via a Google form.

The Sterling Scholar Awards are open to Utah public high school seniors.  It is expected that each school will nominate one candidate in any of the 14 categories.  Each school may nominate only one nominee in each of the 14 categories and a nominee may be nominated in only one category.  The selection process and nomination of nominees as Sterling Scholar nominees is left entirely up to each high school.  Sterling Scholar officials consider a nominee a high school senior if he/she will be graduating with the senior class during the year 2022.  Sterling Scholar Handbook

High school seniors who attend college classes full or part-time or are classified as foreign exchange nominees are eligible for the Sterling Scholar Awards.   However, the program is designed to recognize scholastic achievement in Utah public high schools.  To be selected a Sterling Scholar nominee students must have extraordinary scholarship scores as well as service in leadership and community service/citizenship opportunities at their Utah public high school.  It is up to each school to determine if an individual has been in attendance enough to experience these leadership and community service/citizenship opportunities.   Each Sterling Scholar nominee’s entire school experience will be considered, although emphasis will be placed on the high school years.  

High school officials are urged to nominate scholars for categories in which the nominees are genuinely interested and qualified.

Ultimately, selecting nominees is the responsibility of the school principal and not the Deseret News or KSL Broadcast Group.   No specific method of selection is required, although the process outlined below provides an excellent opportunity to encourage scholarship. Accordingly, the opportunity to apply to the Sterling Scholar program should be open to as many nominees as possible.  The following procedure is encouraged to determine each school’s Sterling Scholar:

  1. Principal  selects  and  assigns  a  committee  of  school  faculty,  including  a  Sterling Scholar coordinator, to  administer the nomination process  of  public high school seniors  for Sterling Scholar Awards participation.
  2. The  committee  should  create  a  questionnaire  that  is  distributed  to  nominees  as  a guide  for evaluating activities, achievements and ambitions within an area of high school education that is characterized by one of the Sterling Scholar categories.
    1. The completed questionnaire and supporting materials should be submitted to the principal and/or assigned committee for review.  Departmental advisors should be contacted for aid in nominee recommendations based on the submitted questionnaire and additional information.
    2. Ultimately, the principal will determine which individual in each category will be submitted as the school’s official nominee.

PLEASE  NOTE: The Deseret News and the KSL Broadcast Group do NOT take part in the selection of nominees.  All questions must be directed to the school and NOT the Deseret News or KSL Broadcast Group.  All inquiries must be handled by the school coordinator, principal or assistant principal, who is responsible for contacting the Sterling Scholar director for clarification (this includes parents, nominees, teachers, etc.).

Computer Technology
Skilled & Technical Sciences Education
Social Science
Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics
Visual Arts
Family & Consumer Science
Instrumental Music
Vocal Performance 
World Languages

Applications are due to Mrs. Blaisdell (room 506) by October 18th, 3:00pm.


WHS PTSA BOARD 2019-2020






Amanda Poll

801 920-1723

President – Elect 

Jen Ferry

435 237-3949


Maria Johnson

801 721-0543


Emily DeVries

208 520-5993


Amy Jacobs 

972 897-340

Legislative VP

Marlisa Lund 

801 814-6021


Shauna Shaw

801 791-8137


Rachel Hedgepeth

801 624-9370


Greenhouse Plant Sale

April 27th, 28th, and 29th

8:30 - 12:30

  1. There will be a drive thru and in-person options to purchase plants this year. 
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  3. Please complete this form before attending the plant sale so we can better serve you.
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