Weber High School


Consistent attendance is important to a student’s educational success.  We ask for parents’ help in monitoring and encouraging the attendance of their child.  The attendance office must be contacted within 3 days of the absence at 476-3705 (24 hours) to excuse a student’s absence for illness, appointments, or emergencies.  No written excuses will be accepted. Parents must call the attendanceoffice within three days in order to allow the student to make up missed work. Special arrangements need to be made in the case of prolonged or pre-arranged absences. If a student’s illness causes him/her to be absent more than three consecutive days, he/she must provide a medical doctor’s note to prevent the absences from counting against his/her attendance credit.  Students who are late to class are marked tardy, if less than 15 minutes late.  Students who are 15 minutes late or longer will be marked absent.

A complete copy of the Weber County School District attendance/citizenship policy is on-line at under Student Services. A summary of important items follows:

Attendance credit loss is generated when a student accumulates more than four tardies or four absences in a class or more than one administrative truancy in a quarter.  Attendance credit loss greater than .75 must be made up through community service efforts and associated fees to be eligible for extracurricular participation and graduation.


  • To excuse an absence, a parent must call the attendance office at 476-3705 (24 hr. number) within 3 days of the absence.
  • Students who arrive late or leave early for appointments or emergencies must check in at the attendance office.
  • More than four absences in any class during any term will result in a loss of .25 units of attendance credit in each class affected.
  • Allowance may be made for pre-arranged absences for three or more days.


  • Truancy is an unexcused absence without parent or teacher/advisor permission.
  • Leaving class or campus during the school day without checking out is considered truancy, other than during lunch time. (Prior permission to the student’s absence must be obtained and proper checkout through our attendance secretary must occur; otherwise truancy could be issued.)
  • Two truancies during any term will result in a loss of .25 units of credit in each class affected and a suspension could result. Truancy may result in a zero for any assignments missed that day.


  • More than four tardies in any class during any term will result in a loss of .25 units of credit in each class affected.

Pre-Arranged Absences

  • If parents request to have their student excused from school for a reason other than illness or family emergencies, arrangements may be made in advance.  Students pick up and complete a Pre-Arranged Absence Form from the attendance office to have all of their teachers sign.  It must be returned to the attendance office prior to the absence.
  • Pre-arranged absences must be a minimum of three days in duration and will not count against attendance credit if approved.

Attendance Credit Make-Up Options & Procedures

All attendance credit loss over .75 must be made up before graduation and to meet eligibility requirements for athletics, team events, student government, and all other activities in which students represent Weber High.

Students needing to make up attendance credit loss (student has more than .75 overall credit loss) are required to accomplish community service requirements.  Every 10 hours of community service (off campus) worked will reinstate .25 attendance credit.  Community service credit will be awarded after necessary fees are paid to the bookkeeper.  A $15 fee is charged per .25 attendance credit loss, with a maximum limit of $90 for a student’s high school career.  The receipt for payment of these fees must be attached to the community service credit sheet/contract obtained from the school attendance secretary.  Community service hours can only be made up at pre-approved sites (see attendance secretary for complete list).  Community service hours worked at a non-approved site will not count toward attendance credit make-up.  All community service must be selected from Weber High's list of approved community service sites.  Off-campus community service requires clearance through the attendance secretary.  If no school service hours are available, the student must look outside of the school for opportunities for make-up work.  One past quarter of attendance credit loss can be restored with one current quarter of no attendance credit loss—“clean quarter”).   If you are a SENIOR, the clean quarter does not apply during 4th quarter.  There is a limit to the amount of “clean quarters” that can be earned.  Clean quarters must be earned during the year in which they are used to restore attendance credit loss.  For example, a senior can only use clean quarters earned during their senior year to restore any previous quarters of loss; they cannot use a clean quarter from their sophomore or junior year during their senior year to restore lost attendance credit.  

The criteria for the selection of community service are:

  • All hours must be pre-approved through the attendance coordinator (Rachelle Knight).
  • Students may not miss any class time to make up hours.  If this is the case, the hours worked while the student was missing class will not be counted.
  • Hours worked must be documented on the school’s community service form.
  • Organizations must be non-profit.
  • Students may not receive pay or other benefits for hours worked.
  • Students may not work for their employer, relative, or friend.