Weber High School

My School's Cool

Are you looking for a way to help raise money for the school of your choice? My School’s Cool is an easy and fun way for your school to earn much needed additional funds. Junior High and Senior High Schools will compete with each other for the highest accumulation of points and earn cash rewards. It’s that simple. School supporters shop and log their receipts to support their school. And at the end of the school year, we’ll award cash prizes to the top schools in each category (junior high and senior high). So shop Newgate Mall today and earn points for the school of your choice!

How can you help? Any Newgate Mall customer can help a participating school. Bring your receipt (dated May 1, 2015 or after) to either one of the drop off locations. Every dollar spent will add up to points for the schools. You can earn extra points for the schools by shopping on Double or Triple Point days. Check out the Calendar listings for more information and study the links below for updates, current standings, and upcoming events.

Do the Math. Receipts = Points for Your School.


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