Weber High School

Cell Phone and Digital Media

Electronic devices have become a common means of communication and information access in today’s society.  However, these devices have the potential of disrupting the orderly operation of the school.  Weber High School has created this policy to govern the possession and use of electronic devices on school premises: during school hours, at school sponsored activities and on school transportation.

Electronic devices include, but are not limited to: cell phones, pagers, PDAs, personal computer, cameras, audio recorders, radios, video games, CD/DVD players, IPODs, tablets, etc.  These devices can be distractions to the educational process and can only be used during class as instructed by the teacher.  If a student chooses to bring these devices to school, Weber High is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Students are strictly responsible for their own digital media devices.  If devices are borrowed or taken and misused by non-owners, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or policy violation(s).

Students are expected to cooperate in handing over cell phones and digital media devices when requested.  Upon request, students are not allowed to take out the SIM cards or batteries. Students insisting on doing so are in violation of “failing to comply” and appropriate action will take place.  If the SIM card or battery is removed, the student must supply it to administration before the device will be returned.  Students may be suspended for repetitive violations of this policy and/or related insubordination.

Students may not use electronic devices in any way that threatens, intimidates, humiliates, or harasses school-related individuals, including students, employees, and invitees, or violates local, state or federal laws.  The taking or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd, illegal or otherwise inappropriate images or photographs will not be tolerated.  Violations may be referred to law enforcement.

Video cameras, and pictures taken on camera phones are never permitted on campus during school hours, unless for the authorized purpose of the multimedia class.  Video camera, cell phone camera and audio recorder use is strictly prohibited in the restrooms, locker rooms, and private dressing areas of the school.  Game devices, recording devices and cameras may only be brought according to the specific guidelines of a teacher and students may not record in a classroom or athletic area unless specifically given permission by the teacher (or coach) and other students involved are notified.  This policy does not apply to the sanctioned use of digital media devices by students under the direct supervision of their teachers for educational purposes, medical or emergency situations.  Filming/taking pictures on school campus during school hours must be under the direction of the multimedia teacher.  Violation of the camera policy will require the same consequences as other electronic devices.  In addition, pictures and/or film may also be viewed and deleted and/or given to the proper authorities if deemed inappropriate by school administrators.

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is NEVER appropriate during testing.  Students should not have these items in their possession during testing situations; possession of these devices during testing situations will result in the invalidation of the test and the loss of the opportunity to retake the test (Standardized tests, AP tests, end of level tests, classroom tests, etc.).

Parents:  If you believe that you have a valid reason (such as medical reasons) for your student to be exempt from this school policy, you may submit your request for exemption in writing to the administration at Weber High; this should be done before the start of the school year or as soon as you become aware of the special circumstances.

Consequences for not adhering to the Weber High School Electronic Device Policy:

Anytime that a student is observed using a cell phone or electronic device inappropriately during school hours, activities or on school transportation, the teacher will confiscate the cell phone or device and take it to the office as soon as possible (on the same day as the offence, if possible).  The teacher will also tag the incident on the discipline tracker.

Due Process: 

First Offense:  Cell phones will be returned to students at the end of the same school day if this is a first offense (school wide during the current school year). 

Second Offense:  Violations after the first offense will result in a parent conference; the cell phone will only be returned to a parent or legal guardian.

Three or more violations:  More serious disciplinary action (including suspension) may be taken if students continue to violate the school policy.        

School administrator or designee may search digital media devices based on reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a violation of school rules or policy.  If any material is found on the phone that violates district or school rules and policies the school will hold the phone until the investigation is complete or until an administrator or designee deems otherwise.