Weber High School

Sexual Harassment, Hazing or Assault

Weber High School’s goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and safety. Sexual harassment, hazing or assault will not be tolerated at Weber High School to any degree or form. Unwanted verbal or physical advances exchanged among students are inappropriate behaviors and are in violation of the Civil Rights Act. Unwelcome sexual gestures or advances can have a negative impact on any/all individuals. It must be acknowledged that sexual harassment in our schools creates a hostile environment that compromises student’s educational, emotional, and behavioral lives. Sexual harassment shows disrespect for its victims, whether they are male or female. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD-NATURED, HARMLESS FUN AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS HOW IT MAKES THE OTHER PERSON FEEL, NO MATTER WHAT THE INTENT.

Any form of sexual harassment, student hazing*, assault, or bodily injury to another student or committing any act that degrades or disgraces any person will not be allowed 1) on school grounds; 2) off school grounds in connection with any school sponsored activity, function, or event; 3) during school provided transportation; 4) off school grounds even if not in connection with school activities if the offense resulted in disruption or distraction to the educational process, at school either before or after the fact.

Students who violate this policy may be:

  • Placed on a school performance contract
  • Suspended from school
  • Referred to the law enforcement agency or the District Office for safe school violation
  • Other administrative disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate for the infraction

*Includes initiations which require or coerce another student to do something they would not ordinarily do or conduct that subjects another to extreme embarrassment, shame or humiliation in order to gain acceptance or membership into an organization, team or group.