Weber High School

Class Change

The class change application forms must be completed with all required signatures. Sometimes this process also requires a conference with an administrator, the drop teacher, the student, parents and the counselor.

The class change application must be turned in to the counselor and the required $10.00 class change fee paid prior to any class changes taking effect.

Students will have 2 days from the date of the request (not 2 A or 2 B days) to get the required teacher and administrator signatures. Failure to return the completed paperwork within that time frame will result in the forfeiture of the class change request.

The class change will only be considered if there is room in the class being requested. Do not ask counselor’s to overload a class. Do not ask the teacher to overload his/her class.

Class changes will not be considered after the first 2 A days or 2 B days of the semester. This is adequate time for a student to know if the class in question will be agreeable.

No teacher to teacher switching in the same academic discipline will be considered. For instance, one science teacher to another one.

If the change is approved, all work missed in the new class is required to be made up. It’s not excused because a change is done!

No changes are made at midterms as this is 4 ½ weeks into the quarter.

We cannot accommodate teacher requests. The class loads are balanced.

Reminder: Only a ‘P’ (pass) or ‘F’ (fail) grade can be earned for AP Contract, math lab or any aid class. Students can have an aid class on their schedule for only one period.