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Weber High School Profile 2



430 W. Weber High Drive, Pleasant View, UT 84414

Counseling Office:  801-476-3703

Main Office:  801-476-3700

Fax:  801-476-3799

CEEB Code: 450-270



Weber High school is located in Pleasant View, Utah about 5 miles north of Ogden,Utah. It serves the residents of Pleasant View, North Ogden, Harrisville, Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty.  Expectations from family, faculty and administration are high.  Students are very respectful and considerate of their peers and adults.  The community consists of mostly middle to upper class homes.



Weber School District is located in northern Utah in the heart of Weber County.  Nestled within the Wasatch Region, Weber School District serves the educational needs of Weber Cone, Fremont Cone, Roy Cone and Bonneville Cone.  The District is one of the state’s largest and fastest growing areas boasting a diversified economic base.  Currently, the district consists of seven high schools, ten junior highs and 29 elementary schools utilizing a K-6, 7-9 and 10-12 grade-level configuration.



Weber High School, an IB World School, is accredited by AdvancED and is a 6A comprehensive three-year public high school with an enrollment of approximately 2000 students in grades 10-12. Weber is located in Pleasant View, Utah about 5 miles north of Ogden,Utah. It serves the residents of Pleasant View, North Ogden, Harrisville, Huntsville, Eden, and Liberty. Most students are high achieving and 90% will go on to pursue additional education at either a four-year or two-year institution of higher learning. Weber High School offers a diverse curriculum designed to meet the academic and socio-emotional needs to all leaders, and includes over 30 Concurrent Enrollment classes and 17 Advanced Placement classes.




The academic program is organized on a block schedule. Eight credits per semester is the maximum course load; students take eight 80-minute block classes and one 40-minute class called FLEX.  Students attend four block classes and the FLEX class daily. Block classes are semester-long; each block class meets every other day.


The FLEX period is a multi-purpose class period. It is held every day, except Mondays, for 40 minutes. Students can choose to take a study hall or a regular class. If a student has failed a class or is off-track for graduation, that student will be assigned a particular FLEX class for remediation or additional help in that subject area. Additionally, students may use the FLEX period – with prior teacher approval – for make-up or test retakes or additional help/tutoring from one of their teachers. All student assemblies and announcements will take place during the FLEX class period.


These AP courses are offered:  Art History, Biology, Calculus AB and BC, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, Psychology, Studio Art, Government and Politics: United States, Government and Politics: Comparative, Physics 1, Statistics, United States History. AP world language and culture courses offered include German and Spanish. AP is an open-enrollment program.


IB classes offered are:  IB Language and Literature HL, IB Spanish B SL or IB Ab Initio Spanish SL, IB German SL, IB History HL, IB Biology HL/SL, IB Chemistry HL, IB Math SL, IB Visual Arts HL/SL and IB Theatre SL.  Please refer to for more information and application.


Honors classes are offered in English 10, English 11, United States History, World History, Math 2, and Math 3.


The Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program enables juniors and seniors to enroll in courses and earn college credits at local institutions of higher education.  There are currently over 30 CE classes that are available for students to take.

Grading and Ranking


A (Superior) = 4.000

A- = 3.667

B+ = 3.333

B (Above Average) = 3.000

B- = 2.667

C+ = 2.333

C (Average) = 2.000

C- = 1.667

D+ = 1.333

D (Below Average) = 1.000

D- = 0.667


F (Failure) = 0.000




Class rank is based upon Grade Point Average (GPA).  


Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

GPA is computed using the above quality points. Beginning with grade nine, all subjects, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation. A minimum of 27 credits is required for graduation. In addition, each student must complete the Civics Test. Grades are recorded on the transcript and GPA is computed at the end of every quarter.


High School Graduation Requirements


4 Credits of English (Language Arts)

You must complete:

     1.0 Credit English 9

     1.0 Credit English 10 or English 10 Honors

     1.0 Credit English 11, English 11 Honors or AP Language,

     1.0 of your choice: English 12, AP Literature & Composition, Creative Writing (0.50 credit), Journalism, or Debate. You may also chose WSU Intro to Interpersonal Communication (COMM2110) with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better; WSU Intro to College Writing (ENGL1010) with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or better & a minimum of 17 on the English & reading portions of the ACT. If you score a 29 or better on the English portion of the ACT or pass the AP Language Test with a 3 or better, you may use WSU Intermediate College Writing (ENGL2010) for your English 12 credit.

3 Credits of Mathematics

You must complete:

     1.0 Credit Secondary Math 1 (or Math 1 Honors)

     1.0 Credit Secondary Math 2 (or Math 2 Honors)

     1.0 Credit Secondary Math 3 (or Math 3 Honors)

     Parents may sign a formal request in the PCCR for a student to replace Secondary Math 3 with one of the following math classes: Statistics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, College Prep Math, Accounting 1 & 2, or Math Decision for Life.

3 Credits of Science

You must complete:

     At least 2.0 credits from the four foundation areas of science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Earth Systems. Each science area has an AP option available.

     One additional credit must be completed from the foundation classes or one of the following: Astronomy, Animal Science, Digital Electronics, Medical Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Forensics, Natural Resource Management, Plant & Soil Science, AP Environmental Science, or Principle of Engineering.

3 Credits of Social Studies

You must complete:

     0.5 Credit Geography

     1.0 Credit World Civilizations, AP European History, or AP World History

     1.0 Credit US History or AP American History, and

     0.5 Credit US Government & Citizenship, US Government Honors or AP US Government & Citizenship

     Students must also pass a Basic US Civics Test to receive a high school diploma as of January 1, 2016. The test will be completed in the US Government/AP Government class.

1.5 Credits of Physical Education

     Fitness for Life is required for 0.5 credit of the total 1.5 PE credit needed.

1.5 Credits of Fine Arts

1.0 Credit of Career & Technical Education (CTE)

0.5 Credit of Health Education

0.5 Credit of Digital Studies

0.5 Credit of Financial Literacy

8.5 Credits of Electives


*For a complete description of the courses offered, visit


Extracurricular Programs

Weber High School offers a rich set of extracurriculars to supplement its core academic program.  Below are the extracurricular opportunities available to students.








Cross Country, Boys

Cross Country, Girls


Soccer, Girls

Tennis, Girls

Golf, Boys


Basketball, Boys

Basketball, Girls

Swimming, Boys

Swimming, Girls


Baseball, Boys

Softball, Girls

Track, Boys

Track, Girls

Soccer, Boys

Tennis, Boys

Golf, Girls






Jazz Ensemble

Marching Band

Concert Band



Chamber Choir

Acapella Choir


Symphic Society

Fall Musical

Winter Play

Spring Musical

Play Productions

Actors Repertory

Theatre Tech (Stage Crew)

Art Club


Clubs and Groups


Clubs (Cont.)


Academic Olympiad

American Sign Language


Best Buddies

Book Club


Computer Science Club


Drama Club

English Quest

Warrior APES (AP Environmental Science)

FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America)

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

FFA (Future Farmers of America)


HOSA (Future Healthcare Professionals)


Multicultural Club

National Honor Society

Rocky Mountain Battle Bots

League/National Robotics

League/Weber High Chapter

Skills USA


Speech and Debate Club

Writer’s Club


Boys Volleyball



Gay/Straight Alliance

Feminism 101


Let’s Play Magic

Rock ‘N Metal

Sci Fi Fandom Group

Tabletop Strategy Group

Water Polo

Weber Sir Soft

Weber Boys’ LaCrosse

Weber Girls’ LaCrosse

Weber High Mountain Bike



Standardized Test Results - Class of 2020


*ACT Test Results

     0 students were tested

     Average Composite Score =

     Average English Score =

     Average Mathematics Score =

     Average Reading Score =

     Average Science Score =


Advanced Placement Results

         In May 2020, 496 took AP Exams

         A total of 717 exams were taken in 19 subjects

         69.4% of the AP Exams received scores of 3 or higher

         Percentage of students that received a 3 or higher in each AP test:

     Art History = 73.3%

     Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio = 100%

     English Language and Composition = 78.8%

     English Literature and Composition = 85.4%

     European History = 45.4%

     Human Geography = 64.9%

     Psychology = 59.5%

     United State Government and Politics = 38.1%

     United States History = 69.9%

     Calculus AB = 87.5%

     Calculus BC = 87.9%

     Statistics = 56.5%

     Biology = 83.9%

     Chemistry = 61.8%

     Environmental Science = 57.1%

     Physics 1 = 63.6%

     Physics C: Mechanics = 100%

     Spanish Language and Culture = 80.4%


SAT Test

We do not widely promote the SAT test and have very few students that take it because the majority of our students go to in-state schools that only require the ACT test.


*Because of COVID-19, we were unable to give the state-wide ACT test


College Acceptances and Graduation - Class of 2018


Weber High School:

544 of 576 Students Graduated (94.4% Graduation Rate)


Weber School District:

43.4% Enrolled in College for the Fall 2018


University of Utah                            55

Utah State University                      100

Weber State University                   580

Southern Utah University               35

Snow College                                   29

Dixie State University                      34

Utah Valley University                     21

Salt Lake Community College       14

Brigham Young University             19

Other institutions in-state               12

Davis Technical College                 26

Other Out-of-State                           86

*Status Unknown                             1,283 


*The majority of these students serve a 2-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints right after high school graduation before starting college.




Weber High School Profile 2020-2021