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Bell Schedule

2023-2024 Bell Schedule Regular Schedule w/Flex Period Class Time 1st / 5th 7:45-9:05 FLEX 9:10-9:40 2nd / 6th 9:45-11:05 1st Lunch 3rd / 7th 11:05-11:40 11:45-1:05 OR 3rd / 7th 2nd Lunch 11:10-12:30 12:30-1:05 4th / 8th 1:10-2:30   Early Out Schedule NO FLEX Period Class Time 1st / 5th 7:45-8:40 2nd / 6th 8:45-9:40 3rd / 7th 9:45-10:40 4th / 8th 10:45-11:40 Lunch 11:40-...

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Citizenship Rubric

Citizenship Rubric Weber High School Category “H” Honors Key Word:  “Consistently” “S” Satisfactory Key Word:  “Usually” “N” Needs Improvement Key Word:  “Sometimes” “U” Unsatisfactory Key Word:  “Seldom” Work Habits in Class ___Consistently begins work promptly. ___Completes work on time. ___Consistently stays on task all of the time. ___Usually begins work promptly. ___Tries to complete work on time. ___Usually stays on task. ___Sometimes needs direction to begin work promptly. ___Does not usually begin...

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Summer School

2021 SUMMER SCHOOL INFORMATION For 9th and 10th grade students For summer school 2021 only…   credit recovery is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Administration and teachers have worked hard to provide an opportunity for students to close any educational gaps due to the impact of COVID 19.  Summer school will be in person at Weber High School with a teacher.  We highly recommend this FREE opportunity to be on track for next school year.  Please use the information on the front of this letter to register for the appropriate summer school courses.  Students must attend every day of the summer school...

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School Policies - Spanish

INFORMACIÓN Y POLÍTICAS DE WEBER HIGH SCHOOL  TARJETAS DE IDENTIFICACIÓN PARA LAS ACTIVIDADES:  Al pagar el cobro de las actividades, cada estudiante recibirá una tarjecta de identificación para las actividades con una foto. Estudiantes están requiridos a llevar esta tarjeta en cada momento. Esta incluye la admisión a los bailes de la escuela. Tarjetas de identificación deben llevarse con una presilla o un acollador, y deben ser visible arriba de la cintura. La tarjeta será usada para la identificación, registarse de la estudiante, y la revisa, la cafeteria, y servicios de la biblioteca, una...

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WEBER HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION AND POLICIES   ACTIVITY ID CARDS:   All students will receive an activity ID card with Photo ID.  Students are required to carry their ID card at all times. This includes admission to school dances. The card will be used for identification, student check-in/check-out, cafeteria and media center services, transactions with the bookkeeper, and will be required for admission to activities and games.  This card entitles students to attend many of the school functions held during the year free or at reduced rates.  The activity card must be used only by the person...

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Transcript Request

Transcripts are $1 each and will be ready for pick-up 24 hours after they are ordered. If you have a special request concerning the pick-up day, please contact the counseling office. Please print, complete, sign, and Fax, Email or Mail the following form to Weber High School Attention : Registrar 430 W Weber High Dr Pleasant View, UT  84414 Fax : 801-476-3798 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. View and print request form in PDF format

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My School's Cool

Are you looking for a way to help raise money for the school of your choice? My School’s Cool is an easy and fun way for your school to earn much needed additional funds. Junior High and Senior High Schools will compete with each other for the highest accumulation of points and earn cash rewards. It’s that simple. School supporters shop and log their receipts to support their school. And at the end of the school year, we’ll award cash prizes to the top schools in each category (junior high and senior high). So shop Newgate Mall today and earn points for the school of your choice! How can you...

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Online High School

Now you can take online courses at no cost through Weber School District and/or the Utah Statewide Online Education Program! If you are a Utah high school student interested in enrolling in Weber School District's online courses we have exciting news for you. Now Utah students in grades 9 through 12 may enroll in individual online courses on a part-time basis through Utah’s Statewide Public Education Online Program (SPEOP) in which we are proud to be a part of. We also offer full time enrollment for those students wishing to enroll full time in an online program. Beginning in fall...

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Student Government

  Student Body Officers Tyler Garner - President Davis Cope Lilly Mecham Caden Meyer Caleb turner Maia Vaatuitui Sierra Wolcott Senior Class Officers Aubrey Anderson - President Preston Larson Emma Mckay garrett otto lucas Simmons Isaac Simmons Ashtyn urry Junior Class Officers Easton McKay - President Sammie Bartholomew Tyler Chambers Hayden Evans Hallie Hales Norman Hurd Raegan Morris Sophomore Class Officers Morgan Adams Spencer Arrington Ryen Bailey Kallie gibby Andrew Harris Oscar Hellstrand Logan Rawson Raegan Roge...

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